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Predictive analytics and Big Data

Big Data
Predictive Analytics goes beyond traditional BI approaches to provide more accurate insights and forecasts
IT Directors put Analytics in the first place among the factors affecting the company's competitiveness
Organizations seriously involved in data analysis are 2 times more efficient than competitors
The income of corporations using predictive analytics technology is growing 33% faster than market indicators
The most efficient companies in the world are 64% more actively using continuous data analysis to estimate demand
Preventing failures and downtime
  • Predictive maintenance is an approach in which maintenance is performed depending on changes in object characteristics
  • The predictive model answers two questions - what will break and when will break
  • Equipment failure prediction is carried out on the basis of both accumulated data and real-time data.
Преимущества предиктивного анализа
The economic effect of the introduction of predictive service The economic effect of the introduction of predictive service
Reduced downtime Reduced downtime
Periodic service optimization Periodic service optimization
The use of predictive analytics allows you to gain an advantage over competitors and increase profits by:
  • a few steps ahead
  • time to prevent upcoming events
  • individual approach and, as a result, high customer loyalty
  • detecting “outliers” in data to prevent fraud or other possible threats
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