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Our team ALTARIX specializes in creating innovative software products of any complexity and provides a full range of services in the following areas

Analytics and Consulting
ALTARIX provides consulting services in the field of software architecture of information systems and the choice of standard software solutions. We provide realistic and comprehensive strategic and tactical recommendations, as well as, if necessary, a work plan to achieve the required results.
We help our clients to develop a fundamental software architecture of information systems used in the enterprise, and technologies that will allow the adaptation of these systems to future changes.

If you are faced with the task of increasing productivity, effectively managing your infrastructure, reducing costs or improving the quality of your services, we are confident that our experience and knowledge will help you in their solution.
ALTARIX specialists own a wide range of information technologies, software platforms and development tools, including big data technology, machine vision, a distributed registry, and virtual reality.
ALTARIX specialists will help you at all stages of the project: defining high-level requirements (business ideas), clarifying requirements and design of the solution, developing and implementing the solution, its support and maintenance
QA Control is an essential and integral part of the software production process that helps to identify defects in the early stages of creating a software product
up to 10% reduction in development costs up to 10% reduction in development costs
Technical Support
The life cycle of information systems does not end after implementation. Our company offers a full range of technical support services for the solutions we have developed: 1, 2, 3 technical support lines, services to ensure the efficiency and development of the product.
A team of ALTARIX specialists provides testing and management services for software quality control using modern technologies, best practices and testing methodologies
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