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Mobile apps and services development for government and large businesses

Platform Development
Ready-made cloud solution for creating a mobile infrastructure of the organization, allowing to solve a number of important tasks of the company
Unified Mobile Platform
Platform development — the creation of a new solution based on ready-made hardware and software solutions — the evolution of the classical development process, which changes the technical, economic and marketing component of the project
Integration of services and data created and processed as part of various business processes within a single platform
Data and services transfer to end users via mass communication channels: SMS/USSD, mobile applications, web-portal
A centralized management of systems and processes for the provision of services
The mobile platform can be quickly deployed in any region/city and immediately launch services and applications in various sectors of management: public services and services of budgetary institutions, housing, education, health, transport, etc.
Electronic Referendum Platform
A technology platform that allows you to collect and process feedback from customers, monitor customer behavior in real time
Feedback collection, processing and analysis service Feedback collection, processing and analysis service Creates a direct, controlled channel of communication with customers, analyzes complaints on various business issues
Customer behavior research service Customer behavior research service The platform provides an effective tool for conducting large-scale surveys on various topics with the possibility of targeting the audience
Multi-channel coverage Multi-channel coverage Customers can leave data for feedback using a branded mobile application, website or interactive kiosk
Universal data analysis service Universal data analysis service The platform saves and analyzes feedback from the client and information about his behavior
The system of electronic referendums allows you to publish surveys and receive statistics online. The average time to create a new survey is 45 minutes, which gives quick feedback to respondents.
Mobile Automated Working Place
Flexible technology platform for automating the activities of field employees
  • Convenient remote access to corporate directories
  • Remote view, create, and edit template documents
  • Remote setting/receiving of tasks (including multi-user) with tracking of execution status in the personal account of the Manager online
  • "Tablet" Manager – a mobile application for iPad, allowing real-time monitoring of the performance of employees on key metrics
  • Use the mobile device camera to read QR codes, bar codes
  • Geolocation tracking staff movements online
  • Exchange of messages (chat) between employees and/or administrator
  • Generation of reports in your account
The solution is available "out of the box" and does not require additional costs from the client for implementation and support, automates business processes typical for most companies, regardless of their activity profile, is easily scalable and suitable for companies of any size, provides a high level of data security
Educational Platform
A number of solutions to optimize the educational process through the use of modern technologies
For a teacher For a teacher
  • Planning/preparing for the lesson/content download
  • Interactive tasks during the lesson
  • Use of electronic educational materials
  • Grading
  • Homework assignment
  • Using new forms of conducting a lesson
For a pupil For a pupil
  • Access from mobile and stationary devices to educational content, journal and diary from any location
  • Homework
  • The possibility of remote participation in the lesson
For parents For parents
  • Control of the educational process and its result
  • Online communications with teachers
Modern schools apply an adaptive approach to the educational process, allowing you to accurately select individual training programs.
The introduction of software for school management has the necessary functionality to manage any type of educational institution and can reduce the burden in terms of documentation.
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