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Artificial intelligence and neural networks

Artificial intelligence and neural networks
AI technologies are increasingly being used in practice, services based on neural networks are entering the lives of ordinary users
Solutions for Security
The main AI technology used in security is face recognition technology.

The technology can be used to solve the following tasks:
  • Search extremists and terrorists from the blacklist
  • Search for missing people, including children
  • Check-in for the flight without the need to provide documents
  • Customs operations and border control
  • Identifying persons with emotional and psychological disabilities
  • Security during public events
  • Preventing Shoplifting and Fraud
  • Identifying people in live video streams
Our goal is to prevent crime. Less than 5 seconds is needed to identify the criminal in a huge crowd and warn the security officer.
Retail Solutions
Sales growth and the creation of multi-channel communications by identifying customers and collecting data about them
Face recognition Face recognition
  • Control of staff time
  • Analytics of visitors (gender, age, date and time of visit), integration with the loyalty program
  • Visualization through graphs and reports
  • Recognizing the emotions of visitors, quality control service
Objects recognition Objects recognition
  • Counting the number of people in the shopping area
  • Full monitoring with a refresh rate of 10 seconds
  • The ability to control the number of sellers, rental rates in the shopping malls
  • Customer behavior analytics. Creation of heat maps and routes for customers
Voice recognition Voice recognition
  • Seller's scripts control
  • Determining compliance with service standards
  • Sheer observation, not random verification, by “secret buyer”
Chat bots Chat bots
  • No need to use human resources to work with the Client - all applications process chat bots
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Free for the Client
Sales growth. Crime prevention. Simple interaction with a chat bot. All modern security features.
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